Electrostatic Precipitator

Increased emissions control through enhanced ESP operations

Electrostatic precipitators are a vital contributor to lowering emissions from plant operations as they capture particles from waste gas streams.

Howden provides service to ensure that the technology performs to its maximum level based on over 70 years of expertise developed through our Rothemühle brand.

Howden offers expert consultation backed up by a range of upgrades, refurbishments and enhancements to meet operator targets.


Key Features

  • Full refurbishment of the ESP with new internals
  • Separation performance upgrades to the ESP
  • Efficiency upgrades with the addition of DELTA WINGTM static gas mixers


  • Lower emissions and guaranteed availability by targeting key aspects of the system
  • Lower maintenance and improved parts availability by upgrading to the latest technology
  • Improved control options with minimised impact on site
  • Higher efficiency through improved gas flow

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